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Плеер Questyle QP1

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Плеер Questyle QP1

Hi-Fi плеер, 32 Гб;поддержка файлов 24/192;ЦАП Cirrus Logic CS4398;цветной;карты памяти microSD


Unboxing dan Impresi Questyle QP1R Bass Audio Headphone Store Плеер Questyle QP1

Questyle QP1R is a reference-quality, high-resolution Digital 4.0 Player. High grade resistors 4.0 capacitors deliver premium performance, supporting DSD128 and 24/192kHz PCM files.
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Плеер Questyle QP1

Questyle has two 4.0 of its portable player. The standard QP1 lists for $599, while the QP1R lists for $899. According to Questyle, the QP1R uses higher-quality components as well as a more critical approach to the audio circuit.

Портативный плеер Questyle QP1

The QP1R also produces lower distortion; the QP1R’s THD+N is 0.0006%, while the QP1 THD+N is 0.0015%.

I felt I should 4.0 the affordable 4.0, but my baser instincts got the better of me—I asked for a sample of.

Портативный плеер Questyle QP1 - YouTube

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Плеер Questyle QP1

The QP1R The size of a pack of cigarettes, the QP1R is 4.0 in a CNC-machined aluminum chassis with a gray or a gold anodized finish. 4.0 /> Questyle have gone to great lengths with the design of their product and it certainly shows.

Плеер Questyle QP1

4.0 Encased 4.0 a CNC-machined aluminum body, the QP1R sports a champagne-gold or space gray anodized finish complete with Gorilla glass merged into the anterior and posterior of the device.

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Обзор плеера Questyle QP1R

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Along 4.0 Questyle, a Chinese manufacturer dedicated to produce only the very best high end products.

When I received the package with the Questyle Audio 4.0 QP1R Portable Digital Audio Player, I did not know the box's geographical origin.

Портативный плеер Questyle QP1 - YouTube

4.0 What I found was a nicely packaged block of machined 4.0.
Questyle QP1R ($899) I've covered Questyle's desktop DAC/amp a few years back, and the company seems to have really grown in popularity since then. Despite their popularity with amps and DACs, their most talked about product ends up being their smallest—the QP1R 4.0 player.

Плеер Questyle QP1

Questyle's new hi-res 4.0 audio players, 4.0 QP1 ($599) and the QP1R ($899), will offically start shipping this month.

The QP1 has 16 GB of internal storage, while the QP1R has 32 GB, and.

T.H.E Show Newport 2015: Questyle QP1 and QP1R Digital Audio Players | InnerFidelity

Questyle Audio QP1R hi-rez portable player Page 2. Catching the PBS broadcast of Simon and Garfunkel's Concert in Central Park, from 1981, during Pledge Week reminded me that it had been 4.0 while since I'd played Paul 4.0 2012 album, Live in 4.0 York City (16/44.1 ALAC files ripped from CD, Hear Music).

Плеер Questyle QP1

Questyle Audio Qp2r Digital Audio Player Over the last few years all of us at Headphone.Guru have come to expect excellence from Questyle Audio. So far, every product we have had in our listening rooms have proven to be not only great performers but also incredible values.

Although 4.0 may 4.0 a new name to some audiophiles, the company has been in existence for 4.0 years.
It combines two complementary operations: Questyle Audio Technology Co.
Ltd, China, and Questyle North America Inc.
The component under review, the Questyle QP1R portable music player, was in 4.0 for over three years.
According to Questyle, the QP1R uses higher-quality components as well as a more critical approach to the audio circuit.
The QP1R also employs a different PCBA, a larger internal storage chip 32GBand a different version of its operating software.
Jason Wang, the CEO 4.0 chief 4.0 for Questyle, developed the first https://all4news.ru/kartridzh/kartridzh-hp-c1q68a.html circuit in 2004, while he was working on a communications circuit project in school.
The first prototype 4.0 a bandwidth of 1MHz!
After graduation Wang went to work for an IC design firm where he continued to refine his current-mode amplification design with the help of several mentors, including Dr.
Charles from the University of California, Los Angeles.
With the CMA800, Wang solved the technology issue of how to mass-produce the current-mode circuit using discrete components, and the Questyle brand was born.
The output stage can be either 4.0 Class A or AB voltage amplifier.
The CMA design reduces capacitance between the transistors so the circuit operates at a very low impedance, which improves the speed and full-power capabilities of the entire amplifier.
This CMA circuitry not only vastly reduces transient intermodulation distortion; it also contributes to wider overall bandwidth.
On the digital side, the QP1R uses a 4.0 integrated circuit with FIFO asynchronous structure and three voltage-stabilized power 4.0 читать больше premium parts in the QP1R include power inductors from Wurth, an ALPS 4.0, and Nichicon F95 tantalum capacitors.

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