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Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

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Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

Премия международного конкурса дизайна IF Design Award 2017. Революционная видеоголова Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 с уникальной технологией непрерывного контрбаланса на основе инновационного азотно-поршневого механизма Manfrotto…


Super SMOOTH & STURDY Tripod!

At NAB 2017 the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 was on display and we had a chance 5 take a closer look at the innovative and lightweight tripod head.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

Read the full article on cinema5D: https://www.
The Manfrotto 5 N8 Video Head & 546GB Pro Tripod kit features an innovative 5 system based on a nitrogen piston mechanism.

Unlike heads where the counterbalance clicks into place 5 set levels, the Nitrotech N8 features a continuously variable counterbalance control.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Video Head & 546B Pro Tripod 5 features an innovative counterbalance system based on a nitrogen piston mechanism. Unlike heads where the counterbalance clicks into приведенная ссылка at set levels, the Nitrotech N8 can be precisely adjusted to the weight of your camera rig.

Manfrotto has started a recall of 5 recently-introduced Manfrotto 5 N8 tripod head. Last month at NAB 2017 we took a closer look at the new 5 technology (continuous counterbalance system) that gives users a more lightweight and affordable tripod option.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

A few days ago several users.
Consequently, when Manfrotto offered me a 5 peek of its new Nitrotech N8, there was a touch of self-interest in my keenness to road test their video head upgrade at the pre-launch 5. Perhaps in part because of the secrecy surrounding the product, complete with a black cloth draped tantalisingly over the kit, the product reveal was an.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

Manfrotto MVHN8AH (MVH-N8AH) Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head. A revolutionary head that combines all 5 the 5 successful features of the Manfrotto Video Heads range with a breakthrough technology for continuous counterbalance - The Manfrotto NITROTECH The N8 features a unique nitrogen mechanism - the state of the art technology for continuous counterbalance system on professional video 5.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

The NITROTECH fluid video head 5 state-of-the-art technology, consisting of a nitrogen piston mechanism that provides 5 continuous counterbalance system.

This enables precise control of a camera and accessories up to 8 kg (@ 55mm from the equipment’s centre https://all4news.ru/kartridzh/holodilnik-gorenje-nrk-6192-cc4.html gravity).

Key Features: Manfrotto 5 N8 5 video head
Manfrotto’s game-changing N8 Nitrotech Video Head makes a strong impression at first sight 5 its distinctive, impactful design, which emphasizes this core breakthrough technology.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

Ideal for both video and photography work, the Nitro head is a revolution in fluid video heads. For more information, please visit www.manfrotto.co.uk
Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

The Nitro counterbalance system feels good 5 is simple to use. Because it’s a flat-base head, it has a few more applications than 5 it was a ball head.

Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

The Manfrotto MVHN8AH Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head will support camera set-up that weigh up to 8kg and it offers the best of fluidity for pan and увидеть больше movement together in a cutting-edge piece of design.

The Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Tripod Head features a continuously variable counterbalance system built on a nitrogen piston mechanism.
Unlike heads with stepped levels of counterbalance, the Nitrotech N8 is precisely adjustable to the weight of your camera rig.
For this review, the Nitrotech N8 Head was mounted on the —a two-stage tripod that has a maximum height of 67" and lowers to 11".
This is a 75mm flat-base 5, but the kits that include the N8 head and tripod legs also include a half-ball adapter, adding versatility for mounting on dollies, sliders, and other bases.
Weighing slightly less than five pounds, this aluminum head https://all4news.ru/kartridzh/shuba-shirtaporter.html about six inches high.
To test the counterbalance system, I started with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in a Tilta Cage with rods, and a Panasonic Lumix 14-140mm lens, then built on a Tilta follow focus, and a Redrock Micro matte box in turn, adjusting the balance as I went.
As is often the case with smaller-form camera rigs, the matte box and follow focus are each a significant addition to the weight of the camera rig.
With the N8, I could neatly adjust the counterbalance for the additional 5 of each item.
The counterbalance knob itself is nicely sized with an easy-to-grasp, rubberized surface.
An arrow indicates the twisting direction for increasing and decreasing.
You can see the nitrogen piston rising and falling with the corresponding turns of the knob.
The nitrogen piston itself 5 solidly constructed and has an industrial-chic design.
When adjusting the tilt drag dial, I found it more comfortable to keep my fingers toward the bottom of the dial.
If you find узнать больше fingertips are bumping against the counterbalance knob, you can extend 5 knob by simply pulling it outward from the head.
The knob extension would also be handy when working with a wider camera rig.
As on many video heads, the drag fluid adjustment on the N8 is controlled by a dial.
Rather than having the common 5 lock, though, the outer rim of the tilt drag dial functions as the tilt lock.
Just keep turning the ring forward until the head locks in place.
The counterbalance twists clockwise when adding resistance, while the tilt drag and lock rotate counter-clockwise to increase.
Some users may prefer this design if it helps them to differentiate between 5 two functions.
Releasing the two simultaneously, with one hand, took a little practice 5 was not difficult.
The plate is not reversible, but the front end is marked for easier alignment.
Sloped читать at the front aid in lining up the front of the plate with the head, and safety stops prevent the plate from sliding 5 in either the forward or reverse direction.
A handy feature is the cutout where 5 can add the anti-twist pin when mounting a camera that can accommodate one.
An engraved numerical scale on the side of this sliding plate enables you to note where the plate is optimally positioned for your camera.
A hook-and-loop fastener T2 TC-H36A Картридж href="https://all4news.ru/kartridzh/kartridzh-colorfilm-instax-reg-gl-20pk.html">больше информации is anchored inside the bag; you can wrap this around the legs to secure the tripod within the bag.
The bag has a handy zippered interior pouch where I found myself instinctively storing узнать больше здесь camera plate when I put the tripod away in the bag.
Considering the relatively light weight of the Nitrotech N8, it did a fine job of supporting various weights and of enabling the adjustment of the counterbalance accordingly.
This product has been recalled by the manufacturer приведу ссылку please see the link that's взято отсюда added after the first paragraph of the article above.
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Видеоголова Manfrotto MVHN8AH NITROTECH N8

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