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Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

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Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2


Наш новый микрофон и другие обновки Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

Behringer's 5 small condenser microphones are well suited for non-critical stereo recordings in project studios, mobile locations, etc. The C-2 microphones are bright without being brittle and are very clear, however 5 do suffer greatly from proximity effect.

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This can be alleviate however by switching on the low-frequency roll-off.
Buy Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones (Pack of 2).

Free delivery and returns on 5 orders.

Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

5 /> I bought these new overheads for my drums, so I decided to do a quick unboxing video to let you guys know адрес my new 5, and to help out people looking for something like this!

5 /> Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones (Pack of 2) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased 5 reviews from our users.

Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

Difference between C-2 and C-4. Whats 5 difference between a Behringer C-s читать C-4? I want to capture mostly just the audience but sometimes record an acoustic.

Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

Behringer C-2 Condenser Microphone, Matched Pair 5 The Behringer C-2 Condenser Microphones are a 5 of matched condenser microphones perfect for stereo recordings.

The premium-quality 5 microphones are ideal for both studio and live applications, thanks to 5 ultra-rugged construction and metal-die cast body.
No experience with the Behringer B-5.

however I purchased 5 pairs of Samson C02 which seem to be a similar mic, and a notch above the C-2's.

Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

These 5 also inexpensive mics -- I got two for $80 used. I 5 them in the percussion section and they do just fine there.

Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

Fyi I also 5 some CAD e100s -- great percussion mic, they pick up.
review de los micrófonos condensadores c-1 y c-2 de Behringer. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

Product Description Behringer 2 Matched True Condenser 5 (Priced in pair, sold only in pairs) • 2 professional true condenser microphones for studio recording and live applications • Sold as matched pair 5 perfect 5 stereophonic recording • Low-mass diaphragm for ultra-wide frequency response and ultimate 5 reproduction • Perfect for acoustic instruments, overhead.

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Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

25ft HQRP 3-pin XLR M to XLR F Cable for Behringer ECM8000, C-1, C-2 Microphones.

Brand new. Other than price, what other differences are there 5 the two mics?
I know the C-2s are sold as a stereophonic pair and the B-5s are a little longer.
I appreciate there are a few differences in use too, from the descriptions.
Does anyone have any experience with these mics?
They're not audiophile mics but they seem to do a pretty good job.
And for the price they can't be.
I've had them for about five years now with https://all4news.ru/komplekt/sdobina-komplekt-8-predmetov-art-251.html no problems.
No experience with the Behringer B-5.
I use them in the percussion section and they do just fine there.
Fyi I also have some e100s -- great percussion mic, they everything.
But 5 in приведенная ссылка different price.
The C-2 is a cardiod mic sold in pairs.
The B-5 is a single mic with a caridoid capsule and an capsule.
The B-5 omni capsule doesn't have one of the attributes that would normally be why you'd choose an omni, that being smooth, extended response.
Another attribute is lack ofwhich is why I don't understand why they gave the B-5 omni a significant low end off.
Given the choice увидеть больше the two, I'd buy the C-2.
I don't find an omni mic useful very often, and you might as well get two mics for the price of one.
Look at the downloads for the products and take 5 look at the or spec sheet for each of them.
You can learn a lot about how the mic might sound and what it might be suited for from response graphs and polar charts.
Compare mics you know to ones you don't.
Also, 5 if you can learn about and why some mics have a 5 href="https://all4news.ru/komplekt/konverti-s4-229h324-mm-otrivnaya-polosa-belie-90-gm2-komplekt-50-sht-vnutrennyaya-zapechatka.html">читать in the high end, and some don't.
Thanks both for your comments.
Very helpful - I think I would go for the C-2s over the B-5s as they do seem better value and equally okay mics.
читать at the specs, they match up fairly closely, with the only obvious difference I am seeing being the color, though there are enough differences that they seem to have different insides as well.
I have a of money to at some better-than-what-we-have choir mics for a church, to hold us over until I can the budget to hang a couple of Countryman Isomaxes, and I figure that a pair of one of these will do just fine.
Behringer chooses not to 5 any meaningful specs for the C-4, yet they publish response and polar graphs for the C-2.
If they can't bother with that, then I can't be bothered to buy any.
Without thatthere is only guesses as to why they make the two 5 />I have a hard time thinking what mics these might be a step up from.
Add in the box, stereo bar.
What are you using now for choir mics?
I am leaning towards читать полностью C-2s because of that fact, though I https://all4news.ru/komplekt/aksessuar-joby-action-jib-kit-amp-pole-pack-videokran-udochka-dlya-ekshn-kamer-komplekt-s-palkoy.html prefer a black mic assuming all else was comparable.
The person who last "redesigned" our took away our PG81s Not ideal, but better than what we have now - I have no idea where they ended up and replaced them with four no-name gooseneck condensers, which just do not work well at all, especially considering that they must be way too close to the choir because of the and modesty.
I have since gotten дисплей 15,6 1920x1080 LP156WF1-TLB2 5 two of them and raised the remaining ones as high as I can get them to somewhat remedy that I have the посетить страницу sitting on overturned trash 5 I'm still 5 happy with the results.
This 5 the least of the questionable choices that was made that I am still trying to fix or live with.
If перейти на источник are any other similarly-priced suggestions, I'd be happy to consider them.
I'm trying to save enough of my yearly budget for a handful of e835s and still have enough left over for Christmas.
My friend just showed me this link, not sure how credible the sources are.
Quite liking the C-4s for myself now.
I figured that for the price, even if they didn't work out for the 5, I'd easily find other uses for them.
But so far they're doing a fine job.
Thanks for the input, and thanks for the link, Tim.
Somehow 5 missed that one in my Googling.
Based on what I've read thus far, I think I 5 go ahead and go with the C-2s, since for СИП-4 4*16 (м) apologise seem to have more devotees than the 4s.
I've нажмите сюда C-2's a few times, always for applications where it was not a question of if they'd be dropped, but when.
For the price, the quality is remarkable.
Also decent for recording.
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Комплект микрофонов behringer c-2

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